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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the clinic sometimes stop accepting patients prior to their posted closing time?

The Medical Services Plan (MSP) places restrictions on the number of patients that a doctor can see in a day. Due to fluctuating patient demand, the doctor may reach this MSP "cap" before the clinic is scheduled to close. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and strongly urge patients to visit the clinic within 2 hours of the posted closing time to unsure being seen that day.

What services are not covered by MSP?

The following are some of the services not covered under MSP. A more comprehensive list is posted at the clinic:

What if I do not have valid medical coverage?

If we are unable to validate your medical coverage or you do not have medical coverage, there will be a charge for the visit.

What if I live in another province/another country?

There will be a charge for all patients who do not have valid medical coverage in Canada. However, we must be able to verify your coverage prior to your visit.

Does my child have to be with me to discuss their care?

Yes, in order for the doctor to discuss care of your child, it is necessary for the child to be present.

Will you call me with my results?

We do not give out test results over the phone, nor inform you if test results have arrived at the clinic. We do not call for normal results. If your result is abnormal, we will make every effort to get a hold of you to follow up with your results. However, we do not adopt a "no news is good news policy". It is the patient's responsibility to follow up on all tests done after the appropriate number of days (ie. 2-3 days for X rays and blood work).

Do you give out phone advice?

No. We are unable to give out any phone advice, including prescription renewals.

Can I get Hep A and B shots for travel at the clinic?

Travel advice and medicine is not covered by MSP. Therefore there is a private charge for your visit.

Do I need to book an appointment to see the doctor?

No. The walk-in clinic is open 7 days a week. Registration must be made in person. Some problems do require an appointment such as pap tests and physicals.